Migration Toolkit Pre-release Now Available on CodePlex!

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Looking for a way to get that data off of your non-Microsoft source control, testing or bug tracking repository (ClearCase, ClearQuest, QuickTestPro, StarTeam to name just a few) and onto TFS?  Looking to hook them up for continuous synchronization?  Look no further, you can now download a pre-release version of the TFS Migration Toolkit in CodePlex.  As always with any Beta, please treat this as an unofficially supported pre-release, provide feedback, and use with caution. 

Key features of the toolkit
  • Ability to migrate historical data for VC and WIT
  • Ability to migrate individual projects independent from one another
  • Bi-directional synchronization of data between TFS and another system allowing teams to transition over time
    • Enables integration of TFS with other VC and WIT systems (i.e. using TFS for VC but a proprietary system for bug tracking)
  • Includes several reference implementations to demonstrate toolkit capabilities and provide an example to tool authors