New Training Options for VSTS (yoinked verbatim from MSDN)

Expand Your Opportunities with Online Training Resources

This page provides an extensive guide to advancing your skills using Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite.

Here you can access comprehensive resources—from introductory to expert – that include both online and self-paced training, the latest technical articles, 5-15 min videos, evaluation downloads, webcasts from Visual Studio Team System experts and more. Take the first step to improve your skills and expand your opportunities in software development!


Are you new to Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite? Information on this page will help you build on your current knowledge of Visual Studio and get up-to-speed quickly


If you’ve already got started with Visual Studio Team System and want to learn more, the resources on this page introduce you to some more advanced topics.


As you’re already at an advanced level with Visual Studio Team System, resources on this page will help you get more breadth and depth across the product.


As an expert in Visual Studio Team System, you’ll find resources here to customize and extend your application development environment and learn more about product extensibility.

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