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My good friend and counterpart in the Heartland, Randy Pagels, has a really great web-site where you can find just about everything you could ever want or need in regards to the latest news, articles, web casts, white papers, links and more for everything hot in the development world. 

Look for everything new and cool with VSTS, the .NET framework, Silverlight and more!  Here are some samplings of some of the amazing resources you'll find at his cafe:

Today's Specials

.Net Rocks Show

Channel 9 on Visual Studio

Deep Fried Bytes


Promotions for VSTS

Talks from PDC 2008

Team System Live

Team System Rocks

Team System Talk Radio

The Thristy Developer

Visual Studio 2008 Podcasts


Practical Tips to Go

DataDude Unplugged(DBProj)

Jeff Hunsaker's branch bookmarks

Jeff Hunsaker's TFS bookmarks

Team System Resources Map


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