Teamprise 3.2 Released This Week!

What's Teamprise you ask?

Why, one of the best TFS plug-ins/extensions/add-ons EVER! It allows non-Windows developers to access TFS and it's amazing capabilities from a Mac, Linux or Unix box, and even allows for integration of the TFS Team Explorer into Eclipse tools.

Here is a quick about that I just stole from their web-site:

Teamprise offers a suite of client applications for accessing Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from outside the Visual Studio environment (IDE). Teamprise enables software development teams to use the source control, work item tracking, build, and reporting features of Team Foundation Server from other platforms, including Macintosh and UNIX systems, and from within Eclipse-based IDEs.

This latest release has a lot of new features customers have been asking for, including:

  • Support for building Maven2 projects from Team Build
  • New Command-line Client features include Branch, Merge, and Diff
  • The ability to map projects outside your Eclipse workspace
  • Kerberos authentication support on Linux and Mac OS X
  • Support for HP-UX on IA64 (Itanium 2)

If you would like to try it out, you can download the new version here:


We are also hoping to get one or more of their guys out to our local Chicago VSTS User Group sometime soon for a demo and discussion.  Let me know if you are interested in this!

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