w00t! Rosario CTP available for download!

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Holy Cow!  Orcas is not even released and they give us this awesome little present just in time for my 33rd birthday :)  I am totally late to the game here, as Brian Harry announced it days ago.  Better late than never I always say. 

So for anyone not "in the know" on the Visual Studio codenames, Rosario is the next big thing for ALM (a.k.a. Application Lifecycle Management).  It will improve upon the existing Team System product suite by adding additional tester capabilities, business alignment improvements (think EPM integration) and something I hear requests for constantly, fully supported heirarchical work items.  YAY, wahoo, let's hear it for the product team!  Download it here!!

Now, before you run off and download it make sure your machine can handle it.  Our VPCs require a serious processor and not an insignificant amount of RAM.  Don't want anyone to be terribly disappointed.  Here are some key requirements:
• Processor: 1.6GHz Pentium III+
• RAM: 1 GB of available physical RAM (meaning you should really have 2GB of RAM or more total on your machine, 4GB is the ideal scenario)