Webcast Coming: Agile Testing: Test Early and Often for Better Software Quality

Agile Testing: Test Early and Often for Better Software Quality

Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern; 11:00 AM Pacific; 1:00 PM Central 


About the Webcast:
It is cheaper and faster to fix defects early in the development lifecycle. With agile development techniques you can integrate and test frequently, in an iterative fashion, throughout the lifecycle.
But how do you build and test early and often if developers and QA teams have separate, non-integrated tools and processes?
In this Webcast sponsored by Electric Cloud, Forrester analyst Carey Schwaber explores the challenges development professionals face when using agile development techniques and how to overcome them. She also discusses:

  • Best practices for making agile techniques work across both development and QA teams
  • How agile testing can move quality assurance earlier in the development lifecycle for better software quality
  • Practical tools and techniques for enabling developers to kick off automated tests prior to code check-in, while supporting a continuous integration and validation approach for QA

Learn how agile testing can help your organization test early and often for better software quality.
About the Presenter:


Carey Schwaber, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Carey is recognized for her thought leadership in the areas of application development process and methodologies, application life-cycle management, testing and quality assurance, and Agile processes. Her expertise on application development processes, practices, and tools enables her to help Forrester clients to improve the outcomes of their application development efforts in the areas of cost, quality, and time-to-market.

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