WOW! The new TFS Power Tools are Coming and they are AWESOME...

Preview of the next TFS Power Tools release

This is a major release that has been under development for a long time.  It should be released in the next month or so, check it out!  There should be even more awesome features by the time it releases, but I am already impressed :)


This is completely yoinked from Brian Harry's recent post... please go to his post to see MUCH more detail than what I am covering. 


There are 3 major new components to the October Power Tools release and the usual incremental improvements.

  • Team Members - We've added a new node to the Team Explorer called "Team Members".  It appears under each Team Project and is used to identify who are the people who work on the project.  It serves as a "pivot point" for information about and operations on people and teams.
  • Windows Shell Extension - We've built a Windows shell extension that allows you to do the core version control operations directly inside the Windows Explorer without using the Team Explorer.
  • PowerShell Support - We've started working on a PowerShell pipeline and commandlets for TFS.  Our initial set support basic version control operations but over time we plan to add work item tracking, administration, build and more.

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