Annual Symposium on Current Business Issues Nov 2005

Metro State celebrates 40 years of excellence in business education by offering various programs. This two day event began today with our own Carl Dubler as the speaker about: "Collaborating, Sourcing, and the Flat World: A survival Guide." The speech was intriguing, inspiring, mind opening and it challenged the listener to not only understand but put into action what will be way industry is moving. Carl covered hard topics such as out sourcing as well as speaking and quoting from books such as "What Color is your parachute? " by Richard Nelson Bolles. He began his speech by quoting from the book "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century" by Thomas L. Friedman. He left the audience in awe and well inspired to look at the world with the view of "What can I do?" rather than "Why does it have to be this way?" Though Carl spends most of his time speaking to technical audiences, this was a fantastic presentation to all audiences.

After a brief break came the panel on Security. As Security is a pretty hot topic and everyone wants to know how to secure IT this was a great chance to see 4 great people from 4 different walks of life. The panelists were Steve Beaty, from Metro State Computer Science Department. Our own David Brandt who specializes in Exchange Server, Clyde Hoadley who was guiding the panel with questions, Chris Triolo from IBM with a previous background in working with DOD and Scott Lupfer the Chief Evangelist at McAfee. All of the panelists were asked questions which they replied to by drawing parallels and examples from their experience. During one particular question when asked about Security both Scott from McAfee and Chris from IBM agreed among other panelists that the best time to inform the public about virus threats is not when the virus is found, rather when there is a cure for the virus. Holding true to that, everyone on the panel referred to "Black Tuesday" the second Tuesday of every month when Security updates and patches are released.

Later, during another question Scott Lupfer from McAfee asked, “Do you know why Microsoft is the target for all threat violations?” it is not due to the product but because so many people use Microsoft operating systems. This statement was confirmed by Chris Triolo from IBM. They both also confirmed that Microsoft has come a long ways, and David Brandt confirmed we have come a long ways, yet we have a ways to go. By the addition of Incubation we are making strides in an arena which was before just an afterthought.

There you have it, IBM and McAfee side by side advertising Microsoft J

For more security information Scott Lupfer from McAfee mentioned: