BlogHer Business Conference 2008 NY


Today starts the BlogHer Business conference 2008 here in NY

It's a pretty small group of women but seems pretty influential. I started the day meeting with Nelly Yusupovaimage.

So she's totally cool, and she comes from the former Soviet. Well technically I am too, but I was born in Iran, though I am Armenian. She is from Tajikistan, which I think is funny, when you search on for keyword 'Tajikistan' the second organic link is from the CIA, check this out, YES and the same thing happens for Armenia too, seems CIA is doing some SEO work too?

Anyway Nelly is super cool, she will be our moderator later today for our Microsoft panel at BlogHer, so stay tuned to find out how it goes. When I bragged about the reading I had done about Nelly, she blushed. It was pretty cool actually, love the fact I could read so much about her :) before I met her.

So here is what the description reads and you can find out more on the BlogHer Business Conference 2008 site.

" Microsoft : Microsoft has a history of sending employee bloggers out into the online community to foster better developer and user relations. Nelly Yusupova interviews three prominent Microsoft bloggers, Ani Babaian, Sara Ford and Ariel Stallings, about how their Microsoft blogging builds a bridge between the world of corporate social media engagement and their own personal technology passions."

Then I went down and stayed for part of they keynote which was BlogHer Business Day One: State of the Social Media World, check it out! Now I am back to my room to get some sleep since I got about 3 hours last night while I was working on the fun project on Facebook 'become a fan of page' forĀ and prepping for next week's SMX Sydney event 2008. So go check it out and make a me proud! I only have 2 fans so far, me and a nice person from Germany I think.