Code Camp Colorado -- "The Expression of XAML" ? Where, how, what and how to?

For those of you who attended my talk today formerly called "Sparkle with XAML" and currently called "The Expression of XAML" you asked me a few questions.


For those of you who are new to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) formerly Avalon, this posting will help: What Exactly is XAML (ZAMMEL, ZAMEL, XAMEL)???


If you have further questions about XAML: Confused about XAML (How does it fit with Framework 2.0, ASP and Smart Client?)


For those who want to download and use the SDK and WinFX Beta: WinFX Beta -- Where do I download the WinFX SDK to play with XAML


For some of you who want to find out more about how to do Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E), this is browser agnostic and mobile able:

WPF/Everywhere (WPF/E) what's the scoop?



For some of you who want to play a bit more with the Community Technology Preview of Expression:


Graphic Designer  (Code name was: Acrylic)

Interactive Designer (Code name was: Sparkle)


Web Designer (Code name was: Quartz)


If you want to read more blogs about XAML try: TimSneath


For those interested to see Workflow Foundation working well with Virtual earth and Windows Presentation Foundation: