Creation of

So you are probably wondering why a new blog? Well, it's simple, since I become the Senior Product Manager for, I wanted to run a test case to see if I can use all the tools out there and learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using public knowledge to rank better organically when people search for me on Search Engines like , , and

So I started by registering the domain name, with then tried several blog engines until I found TypePad. And from now on I will be posting what I learn and how that will help me rise to the top, I hope, I do promise to share the tips I learn and only use external knowledge (i.e. things you can use as well being outside of Microsoft), so here's the story...


Incase you are wondering that is Live with Ani, so similar to pronunciation, not Live with Ani, so to live with someone. :) Okay so I tried to be catchy, a bit hard to do when I'm geeky. You'll also hear something's I see as a tech Chick