Day 1: Ruby Conf 2006 Denver - keynote History of Ruby

History of Ruby by Masayoshi Takahashi in full Japanese attire. This was really cool! He was a pretty witty guy explaining the history of how Ruby the next gem lingo to Perl came to be over chat :)


Ruby first created in Japan by Matz. The name was Ruby to compare with Perl since Perl is named after a Jem and it stuck.

Dec 25, 1999 Ruby 1.0 was created.


Lots of books printed till it hit he bubble. In 2003 bubble burst.

The LL era in Japan. LL born in MIT in 2001. (Light weight language = LL)

You must either learn English or learn Ruby.

Japan learned about LL when ‘LL Saturday’ was held.

Nov 11 1998 Perl conf in Japan.

Nov 4, 1999 Ruby workshop one day conf of Ruby in Japan

Nov 29 2000 Perl/Ruby conf. with Linux conf in Japan


On May 26 2001, YARPC (Yet another Ruby and Perl conf).

It’s a joke of Y2K

Aug 9 2003 LL (light weight lingo) Sat was held (PHP and Python were joined)

LL conf is for Ruby, PHP, Perl and Python and now LL lingo is held every year.

Then LL weekend in 2004

LL 2005 LL day and night

LL 2006 LL Ring (this year about 300 people in the audience.)

Matz in the ring (boxing ring) talking about Ruby

Dec 2 1998 Ruby talk mailing list started, the first 100 mails senders were almost Japanese and they write in English

After that some sites picked up ruby

Feb 1999 ruby on SunWorld, ‘New Choice for scripting’ article printed.

Feb 2000 Ruby article on IBM ‘latest opensource gems from Japan’

David Thompson ‘Programming Ruby’ first international ruby conf.

First Japan Ruby conf was June 10 2006 this year

(RubyKaigi 2006)

All presentations were done using DXPresentation on MS Windows J