Day 1: Ruby Conf 2006 Denver - Life after mkmf?

Kevin Clark did a sumber project with Google during which he was tasked with writing the next generation of mkmf.

Why do you ask? Well Kevin says: b/c mkmf is like being married and the honeymoon is over!

It’s gotten the job done so far but it’s like being married to 70’s introverted geeks. Sometimes it sends you mixed messages and it feels like spaghetti code. There are virtually no documentations for it. We can’t modify mkmf becuase it’s very hard to understand and we break things by modifying it.

We’d like to keep it in shape and make it OO design which we can reuse. There should be documentation and finally it should tell you when things are not going well. Hence mkrf. you can find out more about it on Kevin's site at: One cool thing to point out, I think it's WAY COOL, that Kevin has a search on his site called "Live Search:" I doubt it was named after the Microsoft search but hey, it's the same name so I couldn't stop wondering.