Day 2: Ruby Conf 2006 - Vista Presentation

So for all those who think Vista is a Microsoft product and the open source especially Ruby people might not like it, I have news for you.....

Today during "reject conf" which is the session held at 9pm where all the people who submitted topics that were not accepted to the conference speak at, I was able to speak about Vista and give away a few RC copies. The guys were AWESOME and they even offered to take a picture.

The day began by me making an announcement in front of the whole crowd about Ruby.Net and how everyone should check it out. I was booed at and laughed at. So I added a copy of Vista RC to the pile of giveaways, and soon someone won the copy. These guys ROCK! they gave me a bit of hard time, but all in good humor, then I got more apologies and pats on the back for my tenacity than I have ever gotten. At least I didn't get booed on stage like at Eclipse Conf.

So next step is, there will be a Ruby Conference in Salt Lake City sometime in March and this time they are looking forward to having a session on Ruby.Net. I’ve gotten some interest in working together and presenting the Microsoft’s view moving forward.

As the Ruby guys (and yes they are mostly guys, out of the 200+ there is a total of 6 chicks, myself included I counted!) say about themselves “We are a bunch of nice guys.” And they are, really smart, nice guys who talk about technology and have some of the best Star Trek replays of Ruby with Python that I have seen in a long time!