Denver Blizzard 2006 – My journey back home! Part 3 of 3

I am home YEY!!!

So for those of you wonder how the journey continued and finally ended…

I flew from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, UT last night and spent the night in UT. This morning I made the long 600 mile drive to Denver. I stayed on the major roads coming in from the West side so Hwy 15 south to Hwy 70 East all the way into Denver. The roads were clear and so was the sky. Once I came into Idaho Springs I saw the snow, but the snow cleaning crew had done a GREAT JOB! And since most people were still scared to leave their homes, I had most of the road to myself. I am happy to be home J I must say this was fun, I also had a chance to finish a book during the trip, I love books on CD J I had a great drive and learned something new

I would say check out Audiobooks on Amazon, they are quickly becoming one of my favorites. A big heads up, they are not yet Zune compatible, but there are ways around it, I know most of you will find ;)