Eclipse Con 2006 starts with Joel Spolsky (Is he Microsoft or IBM or ?)

Interesting day began with Joel Spolsky speaking "Joel on Software in Person". The keynote was to capture: "Too many teams create very decent products that, nonetheless, fail to rise above the crowd and truly capture the popular imagination. They are surprised when their superior products are mostly ignored by the marketplace, which seems to be captivated by some other shiny geegaw thatÂ’s functionally inferior and more expensive. ..."

After very intersting comparisons of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullak Joel made the poit of the formula for how certain great products fail while other inferior products succeed is captured by the following formula:

  1. Make people Happy
  2. Think about Emotions
  3. Obsess over Aesthetics

It all ends with one word: Misattribution

stay tuned more to come with pictures and a picture of Joel with the MSDN Webcast guy?