Eclipse vs Visual Studio 2003 NOT Visual Studio 2005?

Eclipse vs. Visual Studio

Madhu Siddalingaiah (Aquarius Solutions)

Madhu is a consultant and the following points are his points of view on both products. He is speaking from experience only.


Visual Studio weaknesses

Compiler is weak

            Doesn’t use code introspection as much as possible

No analogous concepts of Quick Fix

Class/method documentation is weak

No code refactoring in VS 2003

Why is there debug and release versions?

There are errors do you want to keep running? (what is this suppose to mean)


Eclipse weaknesses

   it does take getting used to.

   Takes a year to get used to

   More of the RTFM "Read the Fine Manual" kind of attitude, it seems to not be there as much as there is in Linux.

   "Biggerism" - "tons of new features and menus and I don't know how to use it."


There is several things that Microsoft can improve and play catch-up on and Microsoft will catch up, but we need to make Eclipse a easier, simpler and effective.


The GUI designer out of the box in Visual Studio is really nice, and makes the user very productive. Maybe with Eclipse it is just simple and with Visual Studio since there is a lot in the back scenes. 


There is definitely room for both, but if you are using multiple platforms then Eclipse. Microsoft’s focus is only Intel Windows OS.