Microsoft at the 11th JavaOne Keynote May 16th -- WCF and the new Sun Microsystem CEO

JavaOne keynote May 16th 188 sessions (technical till Friday) which are dynamic


Jonathan Schwartz the new CEO talking about Free kit and saying he is the #1 Evangelist for Sun.

This year Sun has experienced the most number of attendees ever in the history of Java one.

1052 members of JCP (Java community project)


SOUJava (Brazil is the target of everything in this conference) Brazilian community.


Ed Zander the CEO of Motorola. Was on stage 11 years ago doing the introductions at the first JavaOne.


JBoss joining NetBeans? Based on what Marc Fleury has to says with a red barrette. With the craze around Web 2.0 Motorola and JBoss are using NetBeans, which Marc believes has next generation programming model which is rewarded by Jonathan’s Red and white “I love NetBeans” shirt.


Hum this sounds interesting looking for Evangelists in the community?

Rich Green the EVP back after 2 years was asked by Jonathan so will Java ever be free?

And Rich says : “It is not the question of whether we will go open source but how.”

But there is several actions that need to be taken

            Join SDN

            Download all the stuff from the Sun site

            Join the and

By doing the above we will make sure compatibility will remain important and we can all move forward.


The Senior VP of Java Jeff Jackson is talking about Java EE 5.0 with

            Web 2.0

            And .Net interoperability (wonder if it’s .Net 2.0 J )

It is very important to say Java EE (not Java 2 EE) but Java EE.

Java EE 5 is here with focus on:

  • Simplified programming models
  • EJB 3.0
  • New Java API
  • Foundation for SOA
  • Web 2.0 with AJAX
  • IDE support for Net Beans IDE 5.5

Glass Fish community members

Cay Horstmann

Jacob Hookom

Alesksei Valikov (Lexi)

Tom Ware


The call of action by Jeff are:

Download the new JAVA SDK

Glass meet and greed -- (Argent hotel) Wed at 5pm

Get EE Certified



Kirill Gavrylyuk from WCF Interop Program Manager Microsoft Corporation.