Microsoft, Novell, Ping Identity and Gemalto together at Digital ID World

When it comes to identity it just makes sense to have different solutions working together. So much so that as part of the team planning for Digital Identity World it was great to bring together Novell, Ping Identity, Gemalto and Microsoft to speak about Identity Standards etc.

Phil Becker of Digital ID World 2007 as the host of the “Panel with Partners of Microsoft” began with some straight to the point questions such as “Will Microsoft support SAML 2.0?” from Kim Cameron. The conversation was wrapped up by Kim saying: “We know as the internet Identity handling evolves WS* are robust to handle the needs where as SAML is last year’s technology…”

The conversation continued about how to work across boundaries and how Kim’s point about being able to use our technology today to interoperate across silos to provide better handling of Identity and Claims.

When asked about “What is Microsoft doing to drive CardSpace ubiquity?” Dale answered from Novell saying “I don’t think we need anything else from Microsoft, they have provided the specs and have worked very closely with us.” He then mentioned the Higgins Project and Project Bandit and the Windows CardSpace involvement in these open source solutions.

How about Application Developers? They don’t care about Identity how can we converse with them about Identity. (I have to say I feel the same way, coming from a development background myself). Phil Becker said: “Well sounds like now that Identity is taking off we are finally getting to the application tier” then Microsoft said: “Well we need to make STS easier.” Followed by Novell saying: “I think Application Developers already understand the importance of Identity but after Application Developers understand these items, there is another battle ahead with Network Administrators.”