.NET Bring Your Family to Vista, Office 2007 and Lego Mindstorm Robot :)

As all of you know the big launch of Office 20007 and Vista is coming. Along with it so is .NET Framework 3.0.


A lot of you are part of the .NET Users Groups in your local area. If you are not please look them up on Codezone or INETA. These groups are a fantastic way to:

Ø Win a lot of FREE COOL STUFF

Ø Learn the latest technology coming from Microsoft

Ø Network with your peers who work for other companies

Ø Have a GREAT chance to speak about a topic you are passionate about

Ø Connect with local companies that are hiring


So if you are not a member, membership is FREE! Find them and JOIN TODAY!


Next important thing is, for Colorado and Utah we will be doing something special coming up this March 2007.


You know how when the time comes for you to go to the .NET user group, your wife and kids stay at home and they are sad that they will not see you for that one night per month?

Well now you can BRING THEM ALONG!!!


Announcing .NET BRING YOUR FAMILY!!!!!


Starting in March 2007 all local User groups to Colorado and Utah will be hosting their Community Launch events. What this means is, you will be able to attend and learn all about what is launching with .NET Framework 3.0. This is great news for you! Well your spouse and children can also attend. Why?


Because we have partnered up with AmeriTeach to bring to you:

Ø Vista and Office 2007 training for spouses


We are working with kids in the community to bring to you:

Ø .NET Robotics Studio with a live Lego Mindstorm Robot!

(please ensure children are old enough to understand, we prefer 8 years and up)


As always in these meetings FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED!!!!


So…. You bring yourself, your (wife/husband) and kids! (.NET Bring Your Family) to us, we will FEED your MIND and Tummy!


And who knows…some of you might walk out of there with some REALLY COOL PRIZES!!!!


If you want to have a similar event in your area, ping your local Microsoft Developer Evangelist or tell your .NET User Group leader to contact your local Microsoft Developer Evangelist. They will know how to find me, if they have questions J