New to SEO? SMX West 2008 - Copywriting For Search Success

So for those of us who think we can just bundle a bunch of keywords to make our sites or blogs easily discoverable on Google,, Yahoo or other search engines, that worked in the 90's but that time is over folks.

The best thing to do after you discover the keywords from using the tools on my previous post about keyword research, it's not enough to just put them on your site everywhere, but to put them in a way that builds trust with your viewers. By just dumping a bunch of key terms you risk being kicked off the index list of Google. Which means you will no longer be discoverable when people search for terms your website/blog services. bummer... :(

It's also key to have the right kind of a title, a title does a lot. If you are able to hand create a title that will help others find you.

always always talk about your benefits, don't assume that people know what your sites/blogs benefits are.

Now check out which is what Heather covered during her talk in this session. You can learn more about Heather Lloyd-Martin. She is all excited to announce her companies developers were up all night pulling the above website together for search engine writing.


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