New to SEO? SMX West 2008 - History of Search engines

The history of Search Engines then dove into the meat of it. So did you know? There is rocket science to search engine. Search engines were actually started by NASA to help them find documents and information they had in house during 1950's.

Anyway the first Search engine was ARPA in 1958, followed by WWW concept which was born in 1989 and finally in 1990 the first search engine was found. Since there here is a summary of the timeline:

  1. 1991 - Gopher
  2. 1992 - Excite
  3. 1994 - Lycos, Altavista, Yahoo!, Inktomi, infoseek, webcrawl
  4. 1997 - Google, Ask Jeevs
  5. 1998 - MSN