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Linking Q&A - This panel of search representatives and search marketers takes questions about linking, from link building, to issues about buying links, to internal linkage and more. Read more about SMX West 2008 agenda...

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  • Nathan Buggia, Lead Program Manager, Live Search Webmaster Central, Microsoft
  • Matt Cutts, Software Engineer, Google
  • Priyank Garg, Director Product Management, Yahoo! Search
  • Rae Hoffman, Principal, Sugarrae Internet Consulting
  • Peter Linsley, Senior Product Manager, Search,
  • Todd Malicoat, Independent Search Engine Marketing Consultant, ,Stuntdubl

We plan to move our domain how do I make sure our link stay?

  1. So you might try to do 301's is what someone said.
  2. If you want to be very safe, then move one part of your site first is what Matt Cutts has to say from Google. Then do the rest.
  3. Engage a reputable SEO because there is a whole lot that can go wrong said Nathan Buggia of Microsoft.

How important are .edu or .gov links are they important? do we want them?

  1. It depends how current and fresh the link is.
  2. spam doesn't seem to exist as much on .edu and .gov so they tend to be better websites in that way. said you don't have to use no follow on paid links is that the case?

  1. well checkout SearchEngineland's article: The 2007 Paid link War, in Review where you can check out all the quotes from the search engines about it.

What's the definition of a paid link?

(Ani comment...All right who ever asked this, man what a debate you started, seems like everyone wants to comment on this three times before they let it go and every panel member has answered this.)

  1. So there is two notions of paid link, which is I have a website that has a link that goes nowhere but someone paid me to put the link on my site (okay so that's not really good). But....if you have a legitimate site that you want to put a link on your page to point to that site because they are a hospital or a legitimate business, then that would be a good paid link.
  2. But now we are getting into a debate about what is good and what is a bad link. So there is a big pain point seems like for illegitimate paid links and good paid links which is near and dear to Google and Microsoft's heart as well as other experts in the industry.
  3. Nice Nathan Buggia puts in a plug for Microsoft is hiring in the Live Search group... check out Microsoft's Careers site to apply. And Seattle, WA is beautiful this time of year!!!!

If a link has been turned into a 301 how will that be handled? (so if I have a page that I then turn the page into a 301 then what happens to it) Check out what is 301 to find out more about 301

  1. 301 should be fine, so if the content is the same thing then you should be golden.
  2. Essentially if you do use a 301 in a website and it looks like a relevant page then  you are fine, but if you do have 3 sequential 301's then it might not count for 100%.

Link sabotage fact or fiction, can it help or hurt you?

  1. Keep an eye on your access logs and if you do see sites that have not been there before that is a good sign something is wrong.
  2. Do report links that are trying to sabotage you is what Yahoo! had to say.

I got a website and some company buy my company and Google sees the domain name registration change, have I lost my linking credit and how links are flown to it?

  1. No there is really not change in ranking.
  2. If the industries change however, then you will see a drop.
  3. Also, do not change the design of your webpage at the same time as changing the domain. So make sure to have incremental changes.

How concerned should we be if sites linking to me turn bad and are (spam sites)?

    1. Site explorer report spam,
    2. you can't really control that.

What is the good pace to build at?

  1. depends on what you are starting with, so if you are starting with 1000 links so adding a 100 is no big deal but if you are new then 1000 links is a bit to much.
  2. Check your industry


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