RadRails tells about IBM internship...

By talking with Mark, Kyle and Matt from RadRails, I found out they did a summer internship with IBM. So I asked them how their experience was and they were glad to share it was less than expected.


They mentioned how they would take walks and when they did what was very small amount of work they were told how MUCH they had done and how Impressed everyone was with them. They said they began working on the Eclipse plug-in on their own at home. They found working on their own project more rewarding than the internship. They also mentioned how others were very keen to take credit for their work while they were at IBM.


Mark, Kyle and Matt are 3 college students beginning their senior year at University of Rochester, NY. They are planning to have RadRails 1.0 released by June when the next big showing will be in Chicago at Rails Conf June 22-25th.