Want to learn more about XAML, Expression? And what 2 XBox's?

So the Next Generation event is only 1 day away and guess what we have 2 Xbox 360s which you can win by providing your valuable feedback!


When you register and attend the event you will receive a evaluation form.

You MUST fill out the form and hand it in by the end of the day to get:

Ø your copy of Writing Secure Code 2

Ø a chance to win 1 of the 2 Xbox 360’s (provided by Borland)

Ø many other AWESOME prizes.

Come see your Developer Evangelist (ME), the Expression team and WinFX team from Microsoft speak about WinFX and Expression.

Se your local RDs speak about Workflow (David Yack) and Office 2007 (Steve Milroy) development.


Plus 2 chances to win a Xbox 360! (thanks to Borland)