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For those of you who are into VB 2005 programming and btw if you are not, remember VB 6 support is going away. It's paid support till 2008 and then GONE!!!!

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I have been a big fan of C# for a long time since I come from a C++ background and then some Java, but I am really starting to like VB.net 2005. For those of you following by blog and thinking well you also like WPF and XAML and there is a lot more around C# and XAML than VB, well it's coming.

I really think the hardest part about going from VB 6 to .Net is the OO concepts. To understand the OO concepts visit Object Oriented I like the Wiki...I think it does a great job explaining.

For those who want a bit more, how about a Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals in .NET