Ward Cunningham speaking about community, Wiki and trusting?

Software Development Creativity the Wiki Way

Ward Cunningham (Eclipse Foundation)Developer Track · Keynote

It’s really about community is what Wards says. He mentions how he went thru the following time line in his life:

            ME -> YOU-> WE-> US-> ALL


ME: stage it was all about what he could do.

YOU: style he was managing a group and wanted them to do everything.

WE: stage he was looking into Agile Manifesto and the Wiki which meant a few people (small group) working together.


According to Ward there are 3 types of community.

Community Types

            We all hear the same buzz. (People want to create buzz)

            We’ll take over where you left off.

            We’re making something that can’t be made any other way.

Ward also believes there is a nice balance of creative relations in such that:

            Competition makes us work harder.

            Cooperation lets us share work and specialize.

            Collaboration lets us do for others in ways they might not even know.


My vision of the Eclipse project Ward says are:

            Collaborative place in a competitive world

            Both consume and produce framework

            Lead-user innovation.

So when people are collaborating this is what you really want them to know:

            Trust me

            I am not a bozo

            I am worth your time

So basically trust and work together, I do have some value to add to your code.


Well … I think to myself, Ward is giving us a lesson of how to interact. This is true for every aspect of life. You have to trust people and have them trust you as well as they have to feel you are not a bozo and that you are worth their time. Does this mean even the Eclipse community “thigh knit” as it might be could also use the advice of “work together and trust each other?”


So now here is where the Wiki plays a role:

            Writing that is like programming

            Hyperlink to elaborations

            Refractor for systematic abstraction

            Watch other’s Recent Changes


“Eclipse is not really in the field to compete. You are but we are not.“


Facilitating Developer Team Collaboration. “Eclipse is not about IDE” there is more to it than just an IDE. The basic message here is there is COMMUNITY!!!


Eclipse monkey will be like Grease monkey for Java but it is something that Ward a bit excited about.


“I still love programming!” is how Ward ends his keynote and recaps by stating what is important.


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