What an AMAZING honor - Virtaul TechEd 2007

Several years ago I had a chance to attend a women in technology lunch hosted at TechEd hear what the women on the panel had to say. Since then I wanted to have a chance to: “one day” speak to the audience as a panelist. This year at TechEd 2007 I was truly honored to be on stage with such amazing women and have a chance to answer a few questions from my point of view.

Though advancement in any career is difficult most of these women face other difficulties outside of the norm. So much so that there are efforts to recruit and retain more women in technology by many companies. I am thoroughly excited and glad to see Microsoft offer so many different programs and looking to add many more to help create a better environment for women. Thought the road ahead is challenging and difficult to get to the day where there is equality in number of high level positions held by women and men in top positions in any company I really think we as this generation have a head start. After all we walk on the shoulders of giants who have come before us.

I am thoroughly excited to share the fantastic opportunity I had to be among a few of the giants at the luncheon so graciously organized at TechEd 2007. You can find us on the cover of Virtual TechEd.

If the location moves you can always view the video here