What is a Developer Evangelism? (bringer of good news)

To make life easier for developers?

How about to educate and share the passion of Microsoft development tools. To help each of you learn the little things which make life of a developer easier.

All of us who educate/convince our friends, family or co-workers to use a certain product, to attend a seminar, to purchase real estate or come watch a movie so we can share our love for the movie with them GUESS WHAT? at that point you are an EVANGELISTS :) It's not for a religion anymore.

After all:

The word evangelist comes from the Koine Greek word ("eu-angelos"), meaning bringer of good news.

The Koine expression for good news, ("eu-angelion") is used to refer to the four Gospels in the New Testament; and thus the Evangelists are also the authors of the four Gospels -- traditionally known as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And thus our link to religion. However, let's not forget first the word means "Bringer of good news" then it was attached to the New Testament :)

More about the word Evangelist

My professional career began as a developer several years ago. For a number of years I worked as a software consultant and software architect for numerous companies large and small. I have been involved in software and system architecture, coding and development reviews. I have also has been responsible for analysis of several companies for salability, security, performance, development standards and best practices.

Moreover, I enjoy development all together whether it's for work or fun. I especially enjoy the new Mobile development ability in VS 2005 and the Smart Client.

I see evangelism as the natural progression from a software consultant for me, because now I have a chance to share with all developers what I love and the work around for what presents challenges in developing a Microsoft solution.