Why did I fall off again? June 28th thru Sep 24th?

Well for a while there I was heads down trying to understand my new role and figure out what the next hot items were. I know from June 28th to Sep 24th is a long time, but with TechEd 2007 US and then working on Microsoft’s presence at Digital Identity World 2007 which is the event I am at now, I have not had much time to do much else. I also didn’t think the ins and outs of meetings and all the backend work it takes to: setup meetings, figure out session content, find speakers, work across 4 teams, 3 partners and the DIDW conference owners was much anyone wanted to read about.

But now that I am at DIDW 2007 and the year has kicked off for Microsoft (as many of your know our work year at Microsoft starts July and ends in June of the following year) there are some very exciting things coming up. The .NET Framework 3.5 launch (download Beta 2 here) with Orcas (Visual Studio 2008, download Beta 2 here) coming up in Nov. 2007 in Tech Ed EMEA 2007. I have also been honored to host the TechEd 2007 EMEA Women in Techology lunch panel and am now seeking panelists.

If you know of any women who would make great panelists please email add a comment(I am especially interested in accomplished women who do not work for Microsoft and women students who are in the technology field and up and coming)

Later in the year in I am headed to TechEd Brazil 2007 taking place Dec 5-7, 2007 to speak about Windows CardSpace and Identity Framework.