Being Social with Me, Myself, and I

It all started with a training class I took.  We spent three days learning about better manager skills.  On the last day, we had to send a letter to ourselves and put it in a self-addressed envelope.  We could write about anything but we were supposed to mostly focus on what skills we wanted to practice in our day-to-day jobs.  The instructor was then going to send this letter to us 3 months later as a reminder and for us to see how much of what we learned we were using.  Not only did I state a few things, but I thought I might as well joke with myself.  So I made some comments about the weather since it was cold and snowy at the time of the class and I was really hoping it would be much warmer and sunnier a few months later.  Of course, I forgot about the letter so when it came, I read it and laughed at my own joke written 3 months earlier.  That’s when I realized that being social with myself is sort of fun!

I am an active person in the social media front and enjoy that sites like Facebook have allowed me to connect with old friends and family.  I enjoy posting pictures and status every few days.  I also am hooked on Foursquare and enjoy checking-in to places I go and try to become Mayor of those places.  In a few cases, I’ve even received perks like gift cards or free appetizers for checking into a place.  But even with all the methods available to reach out to others, both people that I know and people I don’t know (like on Twitter), what I find the most fascinating is how I can now be social with my past or future self.  And that is just odd.  I signed up for a new app called TimeHop which takes my check-ins from Foursquare from a year ago and sends me an email every day so I can relive what I was doing on this day last year.  Along with that, it now adds my Facebook status and picture posts.  And what I am finding out is that I am talking to myself a year apart.  I will put in status to Facebook or a comment on my check-in on Fourquare that nobody else may understand or responds to, but that my future self a year from now will laugh at.  And I do!  It’s crazy!  I also make sure to check-in to key places on Foursquare so that in a year from now I can remember what was interesting about this day.  I may not just check-in to my kid’s school but add a comment that I’m there for a band concert so that in a year from now, I’ll remember that and compare it to where I am now at this time.  My kids will be a year older and maybe I’ll be appreciative of that simpler life from a year ago, or remember the hectic time of that day a year ago.  Either way, I’m talking to myself and potentially being social to me, myself, and I more than being social to everyone else that I’ve connected with on these sites.  Now isn’t that weird?  Of course, who better to understand my humor and laugh at my joke than me!  In some cases, I was considering posting a comment on Facebook about the weather, my garden, or something else I was thinking only to see that at the same time last year I was thinking the same thing and actually did post status about it.  Now how silly is that?

So what do you think?  Will we get to a point in our advancements in social media that some of the best entertainment we get on the internet is from our past selves?  That should be fun!  Follow me on Twitter @anitamgeorge