Good News!

Today I was recognized on another website that focuses specifically on Engineering Management.  I'm happy to be listed as one of the top 25 Engineering Management blogs of 2012.  Check it out here:  I really enjoy writing my blog entries.  I experience many different things at work and find that at times I can relate multiple experiences into some common threads which usually end up as a blog post.  This has been a very therapeutic experience for me in that writing my thinking down in an organized way has helped me deal with what I am seeing at work and get to that next level of understand because I can relate it to many similar experiences. 

I very much enjoy hearing from those who tell me how much my blog has influenced them (and those who hope my conversations with them during my day job don't turn into one of my blog posts).  :-)  I find that although I gear my blog to managers and leaders, many individual engineers find this information useful because it helps them understand what their lead or manager may be thinking.

Being recognized as one of the top 25 in 2012 is just awesome!  Looking forward to continue to share my experiences, thoughts, and advice in the hopes that it helps each of you to become the best engineer or engineering manager that you can be.

Take care.