and, another couple bites the dust

I have friends who're getting married all over the place. Some are even having kids. Voluntarily.

Weddings are just plain fun. As long as they're not yours, I suppose. I wouldn't know really, because I've mostly had fun at every wedding I've attended, and I’ve never really been married or anything (that thing with that goat was just a joke). AND, you can't really complain about the free food and the booze, right? So, yesterday evening, I attended some friends's post-wedding reception party. It was fun. We danced. We laughed. And we threw the groom in to the pool. One of the guys who was helping throw the groom in, fell in to the pool himself (now that was just freakin’ hilarious). And then the wet groom sat on me. And then we spoke about Microsoft and Google. And then I left (ok fine I was asked to leave). On my way out, I decided I'd be dramatic and threw a chair through the window. Thankfully the window was open.

I met some interesting people there. Some people I haven't met in a while. Some who're just plain weird. Some die hard Texas Longhorns, some (wannabe) die hard USC Trojans, one Seminole, and a French guy. Turned out  the French guy was just lost.

Anyhoo, the party was real fun. I encouraged a few more of my friends to get married and to throw parties like the one I attended yesterday evening. And then they kinda half-asked me to do the same - “oh yeah? why don’t you – oh right, but you, yeah, why would anyone, hmm… right… ok, yeah, we’ll get married”.

Congratulations to Varsha and Avinash. I love you guys, and please, move up to the city soon will ya? 

“AI” PS: Avinash always looks like that…