blogger's block

I'm suffering from a serious case of blogger's block. If you're wondering, yes, it is like writer's block in a lot of ways. I've also been extremely busy and suffering with some (professional) issues. But aside from that, everything's been peachy. In a few lines here are some things I've wanted to communicate :

Here's what's coming up :

  • I'm helping organize and I'll speaking at our DigiGirlz event tomorrow (3/25). As many of you know, I love working with kids, and this is the part of my job that really gets me going.
  • Next week (4/1) the famous Code Trip swings around to NorCal. We'll be doing some exciting things up here - stay tuned to the website for details.
  • I'll be speaking on a Web 2.0 panel on 4/14. Wanna come?
  • We'll be bringing some of the MIX magic to the valley. We're calling it ReMIX and it'll be held on 4/17 at our Mountain View campus.

Here are things in the pipeline that I plan on writing about in the near future :

  • pedanticism (I know it's not a word)
  • "children of the world"
  • why is craigslist so popular?
  • sometimes yes, sometimes no (I may combine this one with the one on pedanticism)

Shout-outs :

  • Shout-out to my buddy Kurt Brockett. This guy is cooler and awesomer than the Fonz. Kurt gets it. He's always been the life of every party that I've been to. And above all, I have immense respect for him because of all his personal accomplishments. He's a model 27 year old, and I admire him for it.

That's all for now. Stay tuned, yo. Tah!

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PS: I, too, have jumped on the bandwagon and joined FriendFeed. You can see catch my "lifestream" at