Boilermakers, Trojans and Saints

I just *love* it when I’m right. Last year, I’d semi-predicted that Leinart’s decision to stay back at SC would be one of the worst, ever. I’m sitting at home watching the draft this morning, and as every round goes by, they show Leinart’s sad, puppy, anticipatory face. Forget the #1 pick, we’re at pick 5 at the moment, and next up are Green Bay and SF, and neither of those teams are going to pick him. I don’t think Al Davis  is going to want to pick Leinart. Detroit may be scouting for a QB, but I think Leinart is probably going to end up in Arizona.

Leinart played in too cushy-a-system. He got way too much time in the pocket, and his team-mates made him look good. Even the Titans passed on him, and picked Vince Young, in spite of the fact that Norm Chow, his old offensive co-ordinator from SC runs their O-line.

Now that Brees is with the Saints, I’m a Saints fan. And I’m glad they picked Reggie Bush. That’s some offensive firepower. After all the bazillion arguments I’ve had with my friends about the Big 10 vs Pac 10, and Brees vs Palmer etc., a Boilermaker and a Trojan finally get to play together.

Go Saints! Go Boilermakers!