Destiny 2.0

Ahhh, the world is a better place today. Everyday I wake up just hoping and praying, that Kobe Bryant would change his jersey number. All world hunger, will now be solved.

And the fact that Tom Cruise spent HOURS greeting a gabagillion of his “fans” in London, has made me feel gleeful. It brings a wry smile to my face knowing that his wife has gotten herself involved in his “religion”. Apparently there aren't enough reasons to hate Tom Cruise (i.e. Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman).

I seriously don’t know why I even bother reading the news anymore. It was annoying to see that my news feeds report stories like these as the "top stories". Then I got to thinking, what would make people want to read the news? What’s in it for the lay person? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I got to thinking (yes, I decided to think again – it’d been a while since the last time)

Maybe I ought to start up a website, that reports the news. Not just any news, but news that YOU want to hear, about you. News about you, that you don’t even know. News that may be incorrect when you read it, but it’d be up to you to make it ‘real’. In fact, this site wouldn’t even be about the news at all – it’d be your destiny. This site would lead you to, thats right, your destiny. And, you could tag your destiny, and share it with other people so that they could comment about it, who may then trackback to you and share it with their friends. The site would contain flickr’d pictures of you trying to achieve your destiny, while you’re napster-ing the music you ought to be listening to, and spreading the word about social events that lead you to your inevitable fate, about how you’ll be achieving nirvana, while Google AdSensing or MSN AdCenter-ing your futuristic how-to's and folksonomically syndicating, because hey, you gotsta make the monies so that you can live (your destiny), right, and so that Scoble would eventually blog about you. Yes – you the news. You, your destiny.

So, I give you ‘destiny 2.0’. If I were you, I’d bookmark

Bah – I’m in a pissy mood today! :(

Currently playing in my head : "SOS" by "Rihanna"

PS: Whoopsies, almost forgot to tag my post. tee-hee :
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