excuse me, too busy, writing your tragedy

Where the hell have you been, AI? Good good lord... Where do I begin? I've just been buried, and I mean *buried* with work. I want to apologize to EVERYONE who's been trying to get a hold of me the past few weeks. I have all your emails neatly flagged in Outlook (and also have it further sub-categorized), but just haven't been able to get around to doing anything about it yet. Trust me, you are my number 1 priority (ehem)

What about that big announcement you promised some time back?  Delayed, due to technical difficulties. I’ve worked for 2 large enterprises in my lifetime, delaying announcements about important things is in my blood now <wink>

How was your trip to Alaska? Boy do I have stories to tell you… I was still getting over a flu, but still managed to have some fun.

Where’re your rebuttals about Jane’s and Adam’s comments? Honest to God, its coming…

With this blog entry, I’ll be introducing what I like to call “Current Song in AI’s head”. Its brand new, I thought of it myself, and did *not* steal this idea from what shows up in MSN Messenger if you were to go to “Tools”, “Options”, and click on the checkbox that says “Show Song Information from Windows Media Player as Personal Message”. <wink> I always have some song stuck in my head. This dates back to the time my friend was singing this annoying song before our SATs back in highschool. I bombed my SATs because as I was trying to do word associations, all I could think of was that song. Thanks for that, Pranab. Somehow I still got in to Purdue.

Current Song in AI’s head : ‘Let go by Frou Frou ’. Polyphonic ring tone can be found here (that sounds disgusting btw, it just ruined the song for me)

Hugs and kisses all around…