get drunk, and blog…

We’re about 25 days away from the official midpoint of the year (and coincidentally my birthday as well). And I wanted to know how you peeps out there were doing with your new year’s resolutions. How committed are you to those resolutions you made?

So, apparently, according to (which by the way is my new starting homepage :P ), the top 10 new year’s resolutions are :

1. Lose weight

2. Stop smoking

3. Stick to a budget

4. Save or earn more money

5. Find a better job

6. Become more organized

7. Exercise more

8. Be more patient at work/with others

9. Eat better

10. Become a better person

(I really liked #10 – it made me think of how people really want to better themselves, but I’ll save that for another post)

In 2003, I had decided that my resolution was going to be that I wasn’t going to make any new year’s resolutions anymore. What was the point – I was not sticking to them, and come my birthday, which is when I reflect back at the 6 months that've passed and the 6 months yet to come (anal, compulsive and controlling you say – howdja guess?), I realize, I really haven’t been doing a very good job with sticking to my resolutions . So, so far, so good – I have stuck by the resolution I’d made in 2003. I haven’t really made any new resolutions since, which is why it appears that I’m a deadbeat obsessed about Team System most of the time. Although I must say in thinking about thinking (yes thinking about thinking) about the 6 months to come, I’m pretty damn excited – VS2K5’s gonna be out baby!!

In related news (ok, somewhat related), last night while driving to a location that shall not be disclosed, I heard on the radio about this guy who’d made a commitment to visit a 1000 bars this year. Now, see that sounds like a resolution or a commitment I’d like to take on. Why didn’t I think of that? I think the concept’s pretty neat. This guy who calls himself  “Bar Man”, and as of yesterday has visited 540 unique bars, is in pretty decent shape. Think about it – since 5/20/05, he’s had some 67K visitors to his site, which is pretty decent traffic. The bars he visit are sure to host his drinks on the house because of the publicity they’re getting. If he were to incorporate and throw some ads on his site, I’m pretty sure he’ll make a decent buck, enough to buy himself a new liver, atleast. And, he’ll have stuck to his resolution. And, he’s got a genuine topic to blog about.

“Get drunk, and blog…”

“Blogging under the influence…”

“Dont drink and blog…”

What a freakin’ awesome idea… I suddenly sense the need for a sabbatical (ehem)