GNoTECon - The Art of Evangelism

What a day... What a surreal day. I can't believe GNoTECon just ended. It was everything I thought it would be.

Guy Kawasaki kicked things off. He spoke on the Art of Evangelism (he's told me he'd give me the slides later). He was brilliant. That's the only way I can describe his talk. Here're some of the things that stand out from his talk.

Did you know Guy was Apple's 2nd evangelist? He was referred to the role by his ex-roommate.


  • As one of Steve Jobs' direct reports, apparently he could fly first class any time his flight was longer than 2 hours. He would start counting down the minute he left home.
  • Guy was hoping the 'G' in GNoTE stands for Guy
  • Guy's Golden rule - Whatever Guy touches doesn't turn to gold. Guy touches golden stuff.
  • Wendys mission statement is the most preposterous one ever - talks about leadership, innovation and partnerships
    • Wendy's mission statement should've been┬áhealthy "finger" food
  • Evangelists need to have an internal mantra
  • If you don't have one go to Dilbert's mission statement generator
  • High and to the right vs low to the left
  • No one from Google showed up - how bizzare
  • Make your presentation highly personal
  • Infuencers are folks without the title
  • Look for agnostics not atheists
  • Give them something very easy to use to join the cause
  • Dont let the bozos tie you down
  • Made the right decision for my family - everyone except folks in the valley clap for that
  • Bozosity (sp)

Here's my li'l claim to fame :


More later... ta,


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