hello, i'm a mac, and i'm also a "pc", take 2

So, after my Lenovo T60P died on me a couple of weeks ago, I reverted to my personal computer, ironically, my MacBook Pro, so that I could get some work done. I started using Vista on my Mac exclusively and I was loving it. Here are some more findings.

  1. Longer boot-time for Mac OS X - For some reason, with the two partitions now on my Mac, Mac OS X takes longer (much longer) to boot up. It used to boot up in about 15 seconds flat in the past. Now it takes about 40 seconds or so. Don't even think of saying what you're thinking right now :)
  2. The double-finger scrolling is a little clunky in Vista -  And I'm not complaining, I'm happy I even have the feature in Vista now, considering Boot Camp is in beta. But the scrolling is a little weird in that it scrolls multiple lines even for the tiniest movements. So you scroll down just a tad with your fingers, and it scrolls down maybe an entire paragraph on the screen.
  3. I can print - Printing works like a charm. No issues there.
  4. Projecting on to an external display - works fine. I encountered some, umm, "human errors" before I actually got the thing to work, but all in all, it worked great.
  5. External USB devices are recognized fine - mouses (mice), thumb drives, external HDDs all work and are recognized just fine. Even ReadyBoost worked just fine.
  6. Virtual PC 2007 - also works just fine. Hardware Virtualization is supported by the BIOS, so your VMs are supposed to run faster.
  7. the Mac's HOT - no, literally. I've noticed that the Mac heats up quite a bit now, in both worlds. I can't remember what it was like when I didn't have Vista on there, but when your it suddenly feels like someone just poured a Flaming Lamborghini on to your thighs, you'd notice, wouldn't you?

I don't use iTunes, and I don't have an iPod, so I haven't run in to any of these issues. And while I'd love to have Vista installed on a secondary hard-drive, the thought didn't even occur to me because Boot Camp is in beta. So, I'm still a happy man.

In other, somewhat related news, IT finally shipped me a replacement to my Lenovo. Check this out (thank you DHL, for making this an exciting couple of weeks) -

3/30/2007 - my lenovo arrives in Hilton Head, South Carolina, AFTER teh ai had left

4/3/2007 - my lenovo arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina, 3 days AFTER teh ai had left Charlotte

4/4/2007 - So, I'm back in SF now, and my colleague ships me my lenovo from Charlotte. Don't believe me? Look at the air bill :


4/7/2007 - i'm told the shipment is going to Irving, Tx. What's more bizarre is that I'm told the shipment was sent FROM Irving, Tx. Don't believe me, look at what the DHL tracking site said :

DHL from Irving to Irving

I know some of us are really in to April's Fools pranks, but we don't send around shipments back to ourselves for kicks. You should've been there for the phone conversation I had with the DHL help-desk. That was a fun one, trying to explain to her that their site is messed up. Yeah.

Anyhoo, all said and done, I got my Lenovo yesterday. And I'm happy. I'm going back to using my Mac for just my music-mixing (for now).

Now playing in my head : ' Shadow ' by ' The Southland '


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