In KO, the Bears trust

I read in the news today that Kyle Orton has been slated as the Bears’ new starting QB. While I am tremendously happy for KO, the Bears and all other KO fans in the world, I’m also a wee-bit scared. KO’s got tremendous potential, and with the right coaches and direction, can be a serious superstar. But I’ve never been a fan starting a rookie. I would like for KO to stay in the sidelines and watch and learn from others’ mistakes. Drew Brees was a 2nd round pick, and they waited him out for an entire year before he was proclaimed the starting QB.

What I’d hate to see happen is the Bears crumbling in the first few games, and everyone blaming KO. Look at Eli Manning for example… Everytime he got under center, I was just vincing and waiting for something catastrophic to go down. KO’s experienced because he’s played some of the best defenses in the world (Michigan and Ohio State), but the NFL is a different different ball game.

KO : in any case, congratulations. I’ve proudly worn your #18 jersey since your sophomore year. And I’m glad you're still #18.

Go Bears!


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