meebo plugin for facebook - someone's reading my mind

This is so eerie - just yesterday I was telling a friend about how Meebo was missing from F8. Funny enough, today, I read about a Meebo Plugin for Facebook (via Mashable).

Man my facebook profile is cluttered. So here are the applications I've added since F8 to my profile :

My favorite one so far is iLike (for obvious reaons) (TechCrunch reports that other users feel the same way). I've been reading the discussion board for many of these applications, and the common theme among the users seems to be :

"it's stalled...can anyone tell me how to fix it?"

"great idea but how do I get this application to work?"

The idea behind the dev platform is phenomenal, but I think a LOT of people are concerned about performance and reliability of Facebook now. I think the app developers have done alright, but Facebook has been acting up quite a bit since the launch. Anyhow, goodness all around.


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