Microsoft Lauds 'Scrum' Method for Software Projects,1895,1885883,00.asp

A couple of quotes from the article worth highlighting :

  • ... "one thing we find is that you can't excessively mandate software development processes on a broad scale," - this is line with a post I'd made some time back.

  • 'Scrum efforts do not work well with "a General Patton, but more of a Bill Belichick," Galen said, speaking of the New England Patriots head coach who is known for fostering teamwork.' - I was thinking that it'd be pretty funny if I as I was reading this line if Bill Belichick came out running and said "you know I've been in a few superbowls, and know a thing or two about teamwork. We don't need another football analogy" or something along those lines (a la the FedEx commercials that've been airing of late)

Song in my head : "Gold Digger" by "Kanye West"