mix07 - the panels

I attended two panels over the last couple of days.

  • Open Source, the Web, Interoperability and Microsoft : The folks on the panel included Rob Conery, Miguel de Icaza, Andi Gutmans, Sam Ramji, and Mike Schroepfer. This was an exciting session. It was just reassuring to see folks like Sam Ramji (Microsoft) involving people from the OSS community. Sam has an OSS background and wants Microsoft to embrace OSS better. That's not to say that we don't [embrace OSS] today from a company/directional perspective, but I think we could do a better job to get more 'softies on-board. We also have a few open-source initiatives ourselves, and Codeplex is starting to get wildly popular. The discussion was very exciting and I'm looking forward to us having more discussions along these lines.


    Read Miguel's experience of MIX07 over at his blog.

  • Social Networking: Enabling the Two-Way Street : Panel members included Marc Canter, Aaron Emigh, Joseph Kleinschmidt, Dave Morin, and Evan Williams. (rant ahead, warning!) : Marc needs to stop talking. Period. Seriously. This was the biggest waste of my time. In fact the "conversation" that Marc was supposed to facilitate annoyed me so damned much, that I left after 20 minutes. Marc was supposed to moderate the panel, and he asked some of the most inane questions in the universe. He started by talking about how he was an "open" guy, and how he felt Facebook did what Myspace didn't, by opening up its website through APIs. Then he went on to talk about how Microsoft hasn't "opened" up, but soon said, something along the lines of how "today was a new day, because Microsoft had opened up its platform". Okkkkk..... Then he went on to talking about things that had no relevance to any humans in the universe. It was so obvious that the panelists were all thinking of the most tactful way of answering Marc's unbelievably ridiculous questions. I didn't think Marc had the slightest clue on what he wanted to discuss. I wish I could give you more examples on what Marc had said and how he moderated the panel, but I've managed to wipe it out of my memory but I'm obviously still pissed.



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