music junkies unite

Some of you know how crazy I am about music. All kinds of music. Some time back, I started including a "whats currently playing in my head" with almost every blog post.

I'm absolutely irate today that David Hyman's MOG is going live soon. I'm only irate because  this is a brilliant idea, and I wish I'd thought of it first. Back to the moping board for me...

In other related news, apparently Apple and 50 Cent are going to start working together?

"...When we contacted him about this story, Mr. Jobs had little to say about the company's future plans, but his suggestion that we "step off" or risk having a "cap busted" somewhere unpleasant makes us think that Forbes might just be on to something here."

Couldn't resist linking to this article...

Currently playing in my head : "We be Burnin'", Sean Paul