my 5 thingies

I've been tagged. Thanks, Kim and Maneesh. So, supposedly, I tell you 5 things about me that you don't already know.

1. I once auditioned for a play, and got the part – Ok, NO one knows this. Ok, fine, ONE human knows about this. Maybe two humans, and an ex-girlfriend. I’ve even managed to erase it from my conscience. And this is the first time I’m talking about it to anyone. I took a theater class during the last semester of my senior year. And my teacher actually thought I had this weird “Michael J. Fox kinda energy” and encouraged me to audition for a role in this play called ‘The Golden Boy’. I actually auditioned for the play very drunk and nailed it. I dropped out because I was graduating that semester, and the play ran through the summer.

2. I believe in signs – Call me crazy, call me old-fashioned, call me hopeful. I like to connect the dots. Sure, I connect the dots, and sometimes I see things the way I want to, but somehow they make sense to me. Sometimes a sign is all I need to get in to a better mood. A few weeks back, I was getting ready to do what I thought was going to be the most important thing I’ve ever EVER done in my life. That very day, I happened to park in a garage in Chinatown, where each parking slot has a fortune written down in the slot (kinda like a fortune garage, if I may). And guess what the slot that I pulled into said:

the greatest day of your life

(I’m sure every slot had something really remarkable to say, so I couldn’t have gone wrong. I can’t remember the last time I opened a fortune cookie and read .)

3. I’m a very nice person – Mostly for the better, I change every day. Every day I look at bad situations, and learn what not to do. Some people think I’m a complete asshole , but I’m not really a complete asshole. I’m very sensitive, very practical and just a very nice human being. Really. Nice. Human.

4. I almost started my own company. When I was 14, I was a hardcore computer geek. How is that different from how I am today? Its different, trust me. I've always had near-perfect vision, but back then I wore glasses with a thick black frame, because that seemed like the normal thing to wear considering my obsession. BBS was my life. I had some very close friends who were just like me, and we became the geek squad of our school. One fine day, we decided we would start our own company. We didn't know what we wanted to do with the company, but we sure as hell knew what the name would be - "Megahard". Seemed like the perfect alternative to, oh, I don't know, Microsoft. If you don't believe me, I can show you sketches of the logo we came up with. Yep, we even came up with a logo (frankly, I'm not sure you want to see the logo).

5. I hate balloons. I don't sleep. I once backed my sister's car up in to a restaurant. I have skydoved, or skydived. I'm crazy about my niece. I'm obsessed with the number 9. I hate pigeons. Pigeons are so unpredictable, with their blood shot eyes. And, did you know that pigeons are some of the filthiest things in the world? Not to mention that they invariably somehow find me or my car to crap on every now and then. Disgusting.

So, c’est ça. Alrighty, now tag, these guys are it (if they haven’t been tagged already) :

PS: I know, "why do we fall down, Bruce?" was the next post I was going to, umm, post, but I've rewritten that thing something short of a 100 times already. Maybe it's too personal, or I'm just too emotional the moment, but that post is not ready for prime-time yet, amigos.

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