My Best Friends' Wedding - Volume 1

Al and I Whoa - my friends are getting married - to each other. And so, yes, the title "My Best Friends' Wedding" is accurate (the single quote sits in the right place in that title, unlike "Bridget Jones's Diary" - which I think is incorrect punctuation)

I've known Al since, since, well, he's in the earliest memories that I have of my life. I was spending some time last night, coming up with a list of songs we'd like to have played at the wedding, and also prepping my best man's speech. I was trying to think of nice best man lines I can plagiarize, but I wasn't going to put myself through the pain of watching romantic movies with weddings in them just so that I can steal lines (yes, I know a cleverly phrased phrase on MSN search could give me somethings I could use - already tried that). Two glasses of wine later, I was getting a little nostalgic. Al and I spent a lot of time together growing up, and to think that this guy I used to walk to school with every single day of my life for as long as I can remember, is making one of the biggest decisions of his life...

May and IAl and I first met May through one of my other best friends, Rosh. It was during Thanksgiving of 2003 that Rosh, May and Al all flew in to visit me here, in California. 3 months later, Al proposed to May (actually 2.5 months later, on Valentine's Day) A few months after that, in July, they threw a little engagement party.

In exactly 35 days from now, they'll be married. Why does this room suddenly feel smaller? Did I mention one of the only phobias I have is claustrophobia? I once had this little claustrophobia related incident on an extremely crowded flight from SFO to Frankfurt about 3 minutes after departure - can you imagine how I survied that 11 hour flight? Is it normal for the best man to be freaking out more than the groom himself? Why is this becoming all about me all of a sudden? Well, because its my blog! :)

Alright, so now, after 10 minutes of continuous blather and incongruous unconnected random thoughts about 'stuff', I still don't have a best man's speech prepared. I'm frankly thinking of just 'winging' it. I speak in front of audiences for a living - this shouldn't be any different, right? I'm making this sound worse than it really is... I suppose I just have way too much to say, and don't know to sum it up in 3 minutes or less.

I have to attend 3 more weddings this year, which will take the tally to 4 this year. Four weddings... Hmm... Right... I'll be sure not to wake up 10 minutes before a wedding saying "bugga bugga" (although spending time with Andie MacDowell wont be all bad?) Oh, I need serious help do I? Well, whatcha waiting for? ;)

To be continued...