my big sister, my rock, our glue

Let's role-play a bit. Let's say you're 14 again, right. And let's say you don't have a driver's license (which would make sense because you're only 14) but you still wanna drive your big sister's car. Let's say you sneakily steal your sister's car keys and drive her car around town (you're still 14). And let's say one day, your friend who typically helps you back your sister's car up by guiding you so that you can leave it exactly the way your sister had left it, doesn't in fact help you because its raining out. And let's say that you accidentally then back your sister's car up in to a restaurant. What would you do? That's right - I backed my sister's car up in to a restaurant.

For the longestest time, I haven't stopped to think how I got here and all the people who've supported me immensely over the years. I owe my sister more than I can even start to fathom, and I'm dedicating this post to my big rock, my sister.

My sister's the artistic one in the family. She's right brained (as in, not-so-much left brained). For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be like her. I used to do everything she did. Although I couldn't draw for nuts, and my ability to be patient on a keyboard or a musical instrument is extremely limited, I had to do it, because she was so good at it and I wanted to be like her. Her artistic abilities are unbelievably natural. But for some reason, she was always comfortable letting me have the limelight. She would do things like, draw beautiful, umm, drawings, and sign my name on it. I suppose she lived through me in some ways, vicariously. I'll never forget the first big toastmaster's thing that I did when I was in grade school. I was the best speaker there. Everyone was amazed that a 10 year old could do what I did, but in reality all I was doing was regurgitating what my sister had told me. I was simply mouthing my sister's words.

My sister's headstrong. She's always wanted to do what she's wanted to do. I have no idea how my brother-in-law puts up with it. But I love how authoritative she is. And I can see the way she is today, how patient she is with my niece, how far she's come in her life, and I can't stop to think that, wow, this is my sister. The one who I've always wanted to be like. The one I want to be like. She's been like the parent every child would love to have (that's right - she is literally my mom). She's been amazingly supportive of me and I can't imagine why anyone would do so much and look out for my best interests.

Today, my sister is the glue in our family. My parents don't know I exist because of my sister. And that's a good thing because she's kept them occupied with a grandchild. Which is just phenomenal. My Dad has personally told me how much he's enjoying "reliving his youth" - he feels he's 30 all over again and is raising his daughter.

My sister's just awesome. She has done more for me and my family than we can ever thank her for. I've given her a lot of crap over the years, and we're one of those families that don't admit we love each other. But, I really do love my sister. She is my rock. She is our glue. And as I look forward, 5, 10, 15 years, I know that I want to be like her.

Thanks, sis (you owe me a mug).

PS: Stay tuned for " My Best Friend's Wedding, Volume 3 "