my favoritest websites

There're a few websites that I use everyday that I can't live without. Here's what they are, and why...

  • flickr
    I take tons of pictures using my smartphone. And without having to do any extra work on my phone, I get to upload my pictures using ShoZu to flickr.
  • /
    I know, I know...Why would I use or if I use an RSS reader, right? I don't know what it is, but I like what gives me. Remember way back when, when My Yahoo! was the bomb? I used it all the time. I think in some ways reminds me a lot of what my yahoo used to give me. And I think that's why I still have feeds on
  • yelp
    Citysearch, meet yelp. Yelp = citysearch 2.0. (or maybe 3.0) Yelp is a web 2.0-ie, community driven, website for socialites. Today, I don't go to a restaurant, unless I've looked at what's been said about it on Yelp. I'm wondering how long its gonna be before Yelp gets eaten up by a company that's been buying all sortsa other web 2.0 companies. Et tu, Yahoo?
  • craigslist 
    As you may know, I'm a big fan of simplicity. Go check out That's how I'd like for ALL webpages in the universe to be. Craigslist is one of those sites. Their search and organization could be a little better, but I'm not complaining. I think I remember reading about someone shopping for a new mom and dad on craigslist.
    First, I use a lot. I dogfood it, and I like its user interface a lot. They have a lot of options on there. But, Google's maps feature wins, because its
    1. simple to use,
    2. accurate, and,
    3. fast. 
    I like how Google Map's address search box strips out newline characters from the text you want to paste on to their single lined textbox.
  • wikipedia
    Ahhh, wikipedia. What would I do without this site? I must say a lot of my general knowledge is contributed to by the content on this site, although I know its all more-or-less subjective information. But this site is growing to be the human driven encyclopedia of the world.
  • slashdot
    Technology? Politics? Games? Microsoft bashing? Slashdot's your spot...
  • Babelfish
    I believe it's important for everyone to know how to say "i didn't do it", and "where can i get the best dessert" in every language.
  • espn
    Gotta keep up with sports. It constitutes a big portion of my life. Now only if they can stream ALL college games through See, 10 years ago, I wouldn't have thought that this (streaming games online) would be an issue today. But it is... How lame. Anyhow, espn still rocks.
  • imdb
    This is a funny one, because you'd think as a Yelp liker, I would prefer rotten tomatoes to imdb. However, when it comes to movies, I really don't care all that much about what others think about the movie. Sometimes they spoil the movie for me, and more often than not, they raise my expectations. All I want to know about the movie some times is who's in it.
  • zappos
    Shoe shopping...
  • the weather channel
    I travel a lot. Need to know what the weather's like. Their UI could be a little better, i.e., instead of typing a zipcode or a city name, and then clarifying what city I'm really looking for in their next page, and THEN getting to the results on the page that follows is a little painful. The whole site can be easily AJAXified. Hmm, maybe we can incoporate weather functionality directly in to For example, searching for "San Francisco" on will search for the keyword, but maybe it could also auto include the weather right at the top, much like searching for "San Francisco Weather" currently does today?

What you'll notice missing from my list, is a search site. I don't actively search for things on the internet. I don't Google, I don't Live. Search results are way too scattered, not categorized well enough and not organized. I heard about some really slick search innovations that are happening, but until then, I'm going to figure out how to find stuff myself. And no, I don't mean yellow pages.

What're your favorite websites? I'd love to know if there're better alternatives to what I'm using today.

In the meanwhile, keep yourself busy with Ms. Dewey.



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