My 'gala' event

From one event to the next...

This evening I got to attend an HRC gala here in San Francisco. It was my first time at an HRC gala, and I was thrilled to be there. We (Microsoft) helped sponsor, and Sanjay Katyal, our NorCal diversity champion did a phenomenal job of getting us there, and sponsoring the event.

There were a lot of speakers including some who were readying their election campaign, and clearly steered away from the theme of the evening. Nevertheless, it was a fun event, all for some fantastic causes.

We donated an XBox 360 for a silent auction :


Kristin Chenoweth was given an equality award at the event :


It was fun to be at a non-geek event after a fun week at OSCON.

PS: I'm finally on flickr.

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